Are you planning the perfect wedding, but are getting tired of searching ‘country house wedding venues near me’? You’ve come to the right place with St Giles House. Our glorious family house has a long and rich history, making it the ideal setting to take your vows and start your new adventure as a married couple. Call us today on 01725 517214 and our friendly staff can help you get started.


St Giles House has been an inspiration in the area for generations, influencing many people to strive for better things. The building was a strong feature in the heart of the political, social and philosophical worlds for over 400 years.

The building itself was featured on the English Heritage “Buildings at Risk” register until we began a journey of discovery, restoration and rebirth in 2010.

The original plan didn’t include being listed for ‘country house wedding venues near me,’ and we initially wanted to simply move the family back into the home. The plan quickly changed and became an intensive and comprehensive five-year transformation project, with development continuing still. The restoration saw the idea of being known for country house wedding venues near you become more prominent, and now our grounds are a sought-after setting for your special day.

Since 2010 and the metamorphosis began, we’ve collected several awards for the work, including; the 2014 Georgian Group Awards for the Restoration of a Georgian Country House, the 2015 Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Award for Building Conservation, the 2015 Historic Houses Association/Sotheby’s Restoration Award and the Historic England Angel Award, Best Rescue of a Historic Building or Site. When you’re searching online for ‘country house wedding venues near me’ you won’t find such a highly esteemed building to be your host.

We feel like this place holds certain magical elements, and we love sharing the magic with the world and inspiring awe within all of our visitors. What better feeling to instil when you’re searching for the idyllic ‘country house wedding venues near me’? Everyone wants a magical wedding day, especially the bride. The picturesque surroundings outshine any other country house wedding venues near you, and coupled with the stunning façade of the house makes it unparalleled.


There are several options in the grounds for the wedding ceremony to take place, including:

  • The Main House
  • The Park
  • The Grotto
  • St Giles Church

No matter what your requirements, St Giles House grounds are the perfect country house wedding venues near you.


If you’re wanting your wedding to be an exquisite display of stately refinement and eloquent beauty, the house is perfect for you. It can have a maximum capacity of 120 guests, and the ceremony will be tailored to your tastes and specifications to give you a truly unique experience. The fireplaces and antique master paintings will add a surreal level of royalty to the event, so stop searching ‘country house wedding venues near me’ because you’ve found us.


The Register itself must be signed within the house, but the majority of the ceremony can be held in our open gardens. If you’re the type to be in tune with nature and want the sun shining down to brighten your life-changing moment, our park can shed light on the matter. Nature is always a perfect accompaniment to any special occasion providing timeless photographs, and there’s no upper limit to guests. No other options for ‘country house wedding venues near me’ can offer what St Giles House can. This is the most flexible option, whether you’d like a smaller intimate affair or an enormous social event.


With a maximum capacity of 20 guests, this venue is a quiet escape for those who find large events a little overwhelming. Originally built as part of the ‘Pleasure Grounds’ in the early 18th century, it incorporates shells brought back from the Caribbean. This option for country house wedding venues near you is a quaint alternative to the grandeur of St Giles House itself.


Situated next door to St Giles House grounds, the church is available for those looking to tie the knot under the watchful and loving gaze of God. This traditional setting was revived and reborn by the gothic style architect Ninian Comper. The spiritual atmosphere captured by this magnificent setting will have you wondering why you ever needed to search online for ‘country house wedding venues near me.’ The Church can facilitate the same number of guests as the house itself, 120, and offers the ceremony a holy appeal.


A wondrous feast can be prepared in the beautiful surroundings of the main house or in a marquee accented with candlelight. The main house has a capacity of 120 guests, and the grounds with delightful marquees have no limit. We are dedicated to only serving you the best food and drink available, so you can dine like a King and Queen with your royal subjects in this perfect solution for country house wedding venues near you.

After the ceremony has finished and you’re looking to take it down a level, we offer the option to take it easy with a brandy in the house. If you’re still full of energy and excitement, our Award winning Basement club is equipped with a giant disco ball, speakeasy bar, and state of the art lighting where you can dance to your heart’s content. Alternatively, if you’d like to take it outside you can dance under the stars on the lawn.


With such a rich history, stunning grounds and awe-inspiring décor and architecture, you won’t find a more beautiful place to hold your ceremony. Your wedding day wouldn’t be complete without St Giles House, and we guarantee we’ll do everything in our power to make it as memorable as possible. Our 8 bedroom en-suite accommodation in the Riding House gives you a luxury respite to relax in before and after your special day.

Our team specialise in providing truly bespoke events to cater for your every whim and wish, so if you’ve been looking for unbeatable country house wedding venues near you, well, you’ve found it.


We’re so happy you’ve chosen St Giles House for your wedding, so call us today on 01725 517214 to discuss our full range of options and services. We can help you plan out the whole event, and you can use our online form to contact us regarding specific requests and enquiries or email us at We can’t wait to meet you and be a part of the biggest day of your life.