As you flick through countless wedding brochures, your engagement ring glittering on your finger compelling you to find the perfect venue, you start to wonder whether your big day will ever arrive. We know all too well that the pressures of finding the perfect place in which your future partner slips on that second, binding ring can be hugely stressful, which is why, at St Giles House, our Dorset weddings are designed to answer to your every need.  Continue reading to find out how.


St Giles House is like a Georgian time capsule buried deep within the stunning Dorset countryside. Nestled among beautifully kept grounds and surrounded by a carpet of fields, this picturesque Georgian country home provides the perfect backdrop to quintessentially Dorset weddings.

When you step inside the grounds of St Giles House, you can feel the hum of its previous life as a country home for the Georgian gentry. Over 5 years, it has been carefully restored to echo the tastes of our Georgian predecessors. Using original paintings and décor to recreate the Georgian vision, the sympathetic restoration of St Giles House has earned the team behind it a host of awards including the 2014 Georgian Group Awards for the Restoration of a Georgian Country House and the 2015 Historic Houses Association/Sotheby’s Restoration Award.

The magic of St Giles House is too great not to share. The family to which this beautiful country house belongs, has transformed it into the best venue for weddings Dorset has ever seen.


At St Giles House, we understand that everyone is different and the requisites of each wedding can vary on different ends of the spectrum – from small and intimate to grand and lustrous. With so many options available to you, read on to find out why we should be the first choice for weddings in Dorset.


One of the greatest factors about St Giles House is its ability to cater for every taste in one location. The scale of the house has enabled the weddings team to create 4 incredible options for weddings in Dorset, with each location representing different aspects of the Georgian grandeur.


Weddings Dorset don’t get much better than saying ‘I do’ surrounded by age-old traditional fireplaces and ancient paintings. The principle rooms at St Giles House provide a surreal environment in which up to 120 guests can watch as you say those two words.


The stunningly landscaped grounds surrounding St Giles House offer idyllic locations in which to host the perfect outside weddings in Dorset. We invite you to explore – find that hidden corner, that beautiful backdrop or that secret garden and as you walk down the aisle under blue skies to the buzzing of the bees and the chirping of the birds, saying those important words will never have felt so… natural.


Take a turn around our pleasure grounds with our hopelessly romantic grotto Dorset weddings. Small, yet perfectly formed, this little hideaway is perfect for intimate weddings with space for no more than 20 guests.


If you would like to marry under the eyes of God, the Wimborne St Giles church is our closest neighbour. Having been tastefully restored to reflect its gothic architectural origins, for those seeking spiritual weddings Dorset, this beautifully quaint church provides the perfect option.


You’ve both signed the registry book, and now you’re legally married – time to prepare yourselves as gorgeous food and great music ensues! Our Dorset weddings come complete with two dining location options. From a grand marquee on the expansive lawn to eating among Georgian luxury, no matter your tastes, St Giles House will do its very best to cater for them.

Prior to the big day, we can discuss your preferred menu options, and create the perfect three-course combination for your wedding day. With the catering company already carefully selected, organising weddings in Dorset doesn’t get much easier.

To accompany the courses, we have a selection of drinks packages available. From your everyday wines to the exquisitely matured, we have bottles to suit all budgets and all pallets.

Whether you’ve chosen the marquee or the house to host your wedding reception, as the empty plates are taken away, shimmy everyone down to the dance floor, where the DJ is on hand to play some epic party tunes late into the night.


At St Giles House, we want to ensure that our wedding packages are available for everyone, which is why we’ve kept the base price of our packages to a minimum and leave the extras up to you. Below is an idea of the prices (excluding VAT):


  • House £5000
  • Reception House & Grounds £4500
  • Grounds £3500


  • House £4500
  • Reception House & Grounds £4000
  • Grounds £3000

Ceremony is an additional £500


  • £1500

If you would like to book St Giles House, we allow those looking for weddings Dorset to provisionally reserve a date, in which time you can check that it sits okay with family, friends and the registrars. To confirm your booking, we require a 10% refundable deposit along with a signed wedding contract. Once you have confirmed the date, you then have sole access to St Giles House from 10am on the morning of the wedding to 12am at night.

We leave it up to you to book your registrar, and request that you let us know the time so we can make sure everything is ready to make your day as seamless as possible.

To provide the best weddings Dorset has ever seen, we understand that we have to try our very best to meet the needs of each wedding party.  Many people have dreamed of their big day since childhood, and have carefully planned every single tiny detail.  We have put every thought into our weddings Dorset, and go above and beyond to ensure each wedding goes without a hitch.

If you would like to learn more about our weddings Dorset, click here to access our online brochure.


If our weddings Dorset venue has caught your eye, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any questions – we’re more than happy to discuss your plans with you.